Precision Pilates & Barre Classes


 Precision Barre Level 1

Are you new to barre or want to keep your body in shock?  You won't get bored with this class.  This class is always changing, so you NEVER do the same we don't stretch until the end of class which keeps your muscles warm and active!  This class uses light weights plus your own body weight to create strength and stamina.  This group Barre Class is the most effective barre workout and the most efficient way to create a strong and healthy body at any age. The system focuses on sculpting the body proportionally so that it is equally challenged. The outcome? A longer and leaner physique…without added bulk. Developed from a dance-background, you'll enjoy the workout of a dancer and begin to feel and look like a dancer.  

 *Grip Socks required and can be purchased in studio

*If you are new to barre, please take Level 1 classes before joining mixed level or level 2 


 Precision Barre Mixed Level

Step up your barre workout and take our mixed level class!  This class takes your practice a step up from level 1with more reps and harder moves.  This class combes light weights with cardio moves on the ballet barre for a complete full body workout.  Your muscles will thank you!

*Grip Socks required and can be purchased in studio

*If you are new to barre, please take Level 1 classes before joining mixed level or level 2 


Precision Barre Level 2

No leotard or tutu required!  This class focuses on doing most exercises at the barre resulting in more cardio and more sweat!  Train your entire body with this nonstop workout at the barre that includes intensified Pliés with variations in tucks and pulses, high performance battements, and heart pumping balletic-jumps. This calorie-burning and muscle sculpting workout will burn fat while defining muscle. Lengthen, lift, and sculpt. 

Gracefully end with an intensive stretch. This challenging workout is suitable for the more advanced barre taker with higher-intensity options for every exercise. PB2 is the way to rock your body into shape!! 

Since you burn over 600 calories in 50 minutes, a towel and water are a must for this sweat pouring class!  

*Please note this class is for an intermediate to advance barre taker.  Little correction in form will be addressed.  If you are new to barre, please do not join this class.  Please take Precision Barre Level 1 classese before joining this class.

*Grip socks are required and can be purchased in studio

Turbo Barre 

What do you get when you combine turbo kick boxing and barre?  Turbo Barre!  Combining high intensity cardio with low intensity barre, makes this class our best one yet!  You can forget your gym membership for your cardio workout as this class will make you sweat and leave you burning calories even after this class is over.  A towel is a must!
*Grip socks are required and can be purchased in studio


Hot Barre Plus

Take your barre practice up a notch!! Take our signature Precision Barre Level 1 class in 75-85 degree heat! Precision Barre combines toning, strength, low impact exercises with lights weights and balletic barre work in a heated room. Start this class out with a heart pumping warm up and light weights. This class is fast paced and will definitely make your muscles longer and leaner. Since you burn over 800 calories in 60 minutes, a towel and water are a must for this sweat pouring class!   

*Grip socks are required and can be purchased in studio


Barre Bound

Barre Bound infuses the mini trampoline with our signature barre class. Enjoy cardio jumps, fat burning exercises and tap into your small muscle groups for a complete full body workout. Get the most efficient burn for your body while you torch maximum calories by alternating bursts of activities throughout class. Your body will thank you! 

 *Grip socks are required and can be purchased in studio



Barstool comines one of our hardest pieces of equipment in pilates plus one of our most challenging classes.  The pilates chair with Precision Barre.  Take your barre experience to the next step by taking this amazing class!  Barstool will tap into muscles you didn't know you had.  We will work the entire body in ways you haven't even imagined! A towel and grip socks are required for this class.

 *Grip socks are required and can be purchased in studio


Mat Barre      

Mat Barre combines traditional pilates mat principles with ballet barre. Mat Barre consists of barre exercises done lying or sitting on the floor to increase strength and flexibility while you lengthen and tone your entire body. This class will seriously amplify your weaknesses compared to conventioanal barre because you no longer have the floor and gravity there to help you. Get ready for a complete full body workout! This class is suited for all levels.

 *Grip Socks required and can be purchased in studio 


Barre Crawl

Want the best of all of our classes?  Take this class to use all aspects of pilates using the Reformer, Chair, Barre, Barre Mat, jump board & more!  This class takes you through 10 minutes of each of our signature classes.  This is a fast paced class.  Equipment experience is highly recommended.

 *Grip Socks required and can be purchased in studio 


Reformer Classes

Reformer is one of the best and most well know pieces of equipment used in pilates. Using resistance and your own body weight, this class will work every muscle....even muscles you didn't even know you had! Each class will use props such as the pilates ring, pilates ball and jump board making sure to challenge you each and every time. You will leave class feeling stronger, longer and leaner!

 *Clients who are new to reformer must come 15 minutes before class for a overview of basics before class.  New clients who do not show up before for orientation may be asked to not join class as these basics must be learned before class starts.


Private Classes

Private classes are offered for one on one, duet, trio or quartet sessions.  The instructor will take you through a repertoire of all of the classes offered at Precision Pilates to with personalized attention!  To schedule a session, please call us at 816-333-0183 or 


In Home Pilates or At Work Pilates

Do you want to take pilates, but want the pilates to come to you?  Let us bring the pilates to you!  It's hassle free for you, so all you have to do is answer the door!  We will also come to your place of work!  Contact us at to find out more information about pricing and availability.


We can create classes just for you and your friends!

Send us a time and day that you are wanting and find 2-3 friends to join you.  It's that easy!  Let us know by the 25th of each month for the next month.  4 week commitment and pre-pay is required before class starts.  Contact us for more details!